vCalling in Marketing
vCalling is all about conversion through visual assistance and capturing inbound leads in real-time from various channels, be it emails, sms, website, social media ads, google ads and so on.
Mass Campaign
Don't just hope for leads to reach out to you, reach out to them!
vCalling with its private link feature in mass campaigns & unique customer links can be used effectively in SMS/Email campaigns and qualify 5 times more leads than before
Mass Media
Don't let your website traffic go to waste
vCalling with its public link & unique customer links can be used effectively across various Marketing channels and bring you leads which convert efficiently.
Live Lead Capture
Don't contact them after hours or days when they loose interest!
vCalling notifies you when is the right time to talk to all leads captured through its private or public links
See how this helped Runn Ustav in their marketing process in our case study
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